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Embodied is a start-up that measures audience response to audiovisual content and develops creative content strategies for TV, film, and social media through data analysis. They approached us seeking a modern update for their existing branding and a new brand video.






Tech, Data analysis

Type of Work


2D Animation

Motion graphics

Embodied utilizes innovative technologies such as online messaging contactability, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality to conduct market studies with segmented samples based on consumption habits, mobility, and online profile. Additionally, they develop strategies to enhance the interaction and experience of your services and products. The visuals needed to effectively convey this innovative technology and make these concepts easy to understand. By implementing a renovated vibrant color palette and incorporating geometric shapes, we successfully delivered new branding guidelines and a brand film.

The challenge for this project was to make complex technical concepts accessible and engaging to a wide range of clients. By incorporating gradients and vibrant colors in the designs, as well as sleek transitions for the animations, we were able to maintain an engaging narrative while effectively showcasing all the services that Embodied offers.