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Type of Work

3D animation


Product video

We partnered with Waleco to create a film for the upcoming launch of the Pandora Elements of Luxury campaign. The timeline of this project was tight, with only 3 weeks from brief to delivery but we took the challenge.


To present every charm in its element, we developed a landscape that immerses ourselves in the world of Pandora, where nature shines in every element. Through each setting: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, we journey through this magical and luxurious world in which charms live.


With a tight timeline, diving into a 3D photorealistic project was a challenge. We quickly sketched and developed the sets to match the charms and elements. We had to explore and create the best way to depict water, wind, vegetation, and fire. Guiding the storytelling from early morning to night gave us the perfect lighting and color palette for each set, while keeping the narrative interesting and cohesive. Another visual challenge was how the light and shine from the charms would show, a particular concern for our client.