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Climate Smart Mining

Formando Rutas asked us to develop a short intro animation for a workshop about the problems of lithium extraction as a global one-stop solution to fight the climate crisis. The workshop targeted teenagers and aimed to explore green solutions and alternative methods within current political and corporate strategies.


Formando Rutas





Type of Work

2D Animation

Character animation

Cel animation

For the animation, our objective was to introduce the concept of Green Colonialism, and how advertising plays a key role in de-virtualize a real solution. With this in mind, we chose to tell the story through a sarcastic advertisement that portrayed the problems from a corporate perspective. The visuals were designed in a "meme style" to resonate with the intended younger audience.

Black and white outline style was perfect to convey the message, with minimal accent colors to reinforce the narrative when needed. To represent the corporations, we depicted our character as a modern businessman or tech CEO, avoiding traditional suits for a more contemporary look.

Frame by frame animation was key to keep the minimal style and the main character monologue interesting. We mixed cel, 2d and 3d animation.



Direction: Ranger Studio

Production: Ranger Studio

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