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SAC, an NGO that originated during the 2018 crisis in Chile, emerged as a crucial provider of first aid to demonstrators. Committed to fostering democratic and violence-free healthcare, SAC embarked on a path towards social and community health. In March 2020, they launched a remote health assistance service in response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.


Salud a la Calle





Type of Work

2D Animation

Character animation

Motion graphics

To mark the unveiling of their new app, we crafted a brand video that showcased the organization's history and its evolution into this innovative service. Our objective was to convey the NGO's positive and resolute mission. Operating under a comprehensive and multidisciplinary assistance model, SAC aimed to address the physical, psychological, and social needs of individuals.

With a vibrant palette of bold colors and a cast of diverse characters embodying the spirit of SAC, the narrative takes viewers on a journey following the doctor and patients in different scenarios of everyday life. From the outset during the 2018 protests to an online appointment facilitated by their cutting-edge app, we captured the essence of SAC's transformative impact.

Our visual approach featured dynamic animation and a vibrant color scheme. We carefully crafted a diverse group of characters, infusing subtle details that captured the essence of the NGO. The city of Santiago de Chile, where the protests and birth of SAC unfolded, served as a vital backdrop for the visuals.