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Interstride is an interactive portal to support students in their job search, immigration journey, and community building. A fun visual environment, that took the anxiety out of the visa process for the students and made it easier for companies hiring, was the way to go for this project. From icons to fully animated videos, we developed a visual illustration and animation system that carried throughout the platform and communication channels.







Type of Work

Illustration system

2D Animation

Motion graphics

This was a unique opportunity to combine storytelling with an illustration and motion toolkit across different deliverables. Interstride gave us full confidence and a great start with their branding. We carried the fun and loose premise to animation giving some bouncy and sometimes distorted movements to characters and elements.

From complex topics to simple icons, we filled the world with relaxed fun visuals across multiple channels like their platform, newsletters, podcast and tutorials.

To achieve a friendly feeling, we played with bold lines and geometric shapes. Characters use these simple shapes but are full of personality with the use of patterns and cool elements that enhance the diverse collaborative spirit of the brand.

Part of the project included developing brand videos and motion graphics for tutorials and webinars hosted on the platform. We carried the illustration and motion system guidelines to titles, intros, and lower thirds, producing over 40 videos!