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WeBarrio is an app that connects you with your neighbors in your building or condo, reviving the community spirit. Users can join groups, discover recommendations for local businesses, stay informed about community events, and chat about upcoming events and administrative matters. With their complete trust, we developed the branding, app design, communication strategy, and visual toolkit.






Community, App

Type of Work

Character design

2D Animation


This was a significant and exciting project that underwent several stages of development. It began with the creation of the logo and branding, followed by the production of their first brand video and illustrations, which set the tone for all subsequent communication pieces. Our objective was to convey the positive energy of uniting people for a better quality of life in every aspect of the design process—from the selection of the color palette and typography to the creation of icons and illustrations.

After developing the branding and app design, we dived into creating the brand video. Since community was at the core of the brand's spirit and message, it was essential to design a wide range of characters to reflect the diverse community. Packed with details and adorable pets, we infused the animation with the community spirit, showcasing characters coming together in various situations, all to highlight how the app can provide solutions for neighbors.